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I am passionate about the products my family and I use for health and beauty purposes.  I want to ensure safety and efficacy and also pay attention to the toxins we are putting in our bodies.  I choose nutritional supplements from Fullscript and Wellevate and Beautycounter for safe beauty products. 


Dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA as food, NOT as drugs.  This means that they do not have the same standards of quality that prescription and over-the-counter medications must pass.  Supplements may be filled with harmful additives, fillers, binders and coatings which may be harmful to your health.  


Quality and efficacy is key when choosing supplements.  Fullscript and Wellevate recognize that quality supplements start with manufacturing.  Both sites sell quality products only available to healthcare professionals.  All products meet Good Manufacturing Practices and many have third party certifications.  You can also search products free of specific food allergens to ensure your supplements are appropriate for your needs.  

Please feel free to search these sites and ask any questions.

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