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Health Supplement Consultation

Variety of vitamin pills in wooden spoon on white background with green leaf, supplemental
Vitamins and pills

There is a plethora of information out there about vitamins, nutritional supplements and prescription medications. 

It can get overwhelming.  


Do you ever wonder:

  • What supplements you should be taking to support optimal health? 

  • What supplements you can take to optimize your immune system? 

  • If your prescription medications interact with the supplements you take?

  • If your prescription medications might be causing drug-nutrient depletions?

Consultation Details

Prior to our consultation, you will complete an intake form detailing your medical history and current medication and supplement routine as well as areas you wish to discuss further.  


I offer a 30 minute consultation to thoroughly discuss the following:

  • Your current prescription and nonprescription medications

  • Potential drug-nutrient depletions

  • Potential drug-drug and drug-nutrient interactions

  • Topics you wish to learn more about

  • If desired, supplement recommendations specific to your needs 

The cost of the consultation is $155 and includes one 30 minute virtual visit.  Included also is the review of health conditions/medications/supplements and completed prior to the visit as well as a final recommendation plan received after the visit.  

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