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Healthy Food

Food Sensitivity Testing


This program includes my review of test results, 30 minute consultation to go over your results and a recommended plan.  The plan is individualized and may include dietary and/or gut health recommendations.  The cost of the program is $105.  

Please note that the cost of the KBMO FIT 132 or FIT 172 test kit is charged separately.  A direct payment link to the company shipping the test will be sent directly to you.  

Discovery Call



I offer a free 15 minute discovery call for both health and functional nutrition coaching services and for the Bredesen program.  I feel it is important to connect to discuss what you're looking to achieve and whether my services are a good match for your needs.  When requesting an appointment, please specify which services you are interested in discussing.  I look forward to speaking with you!

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Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Single Session Consultation $210
Follow-up Visit $55

  • Single session consultation is 30 minutes in length and includes a treatment plan that is provided after the meeting.   

  • Prior to the initial consultation, you will complete applicable intake forms.  The initial consultation will include a review of your intake forms, medical, nutritional and environmental history and your overall goal(s).  This is the session we will dive into your dream vision of where you want to be. 

  • 30 minute follow up consultations are available for additional support.  We will check in on your progress and problem solve challenges.

  • Educational material and handouts are supplied as appropriate and requested.

Bredesen Precode 

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The PreCODE program is ideal for anyone interested in the prevention of cognitive decline and optimizing brain health.  

The program entails cognitive and lab testing necessary to identify any risk factors that may contribute to cognitive decline.  A personalized report will be generated for you based on your results.  I will then put together a personalized treatment plan.  This service includes an initial visit, 2 follow up visits over a 6 month period and 1 PreCODE report.  A sample report can be viewed using this link.  


Please note that testing costs and PreCODE membership through Apollo Health are NOT included in the cost of the package.  

  • $39.95 Annual Membership billed monthly

  • $334 one-time payment for labs

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Health Supplement Consultation

Pill Variety

Consultations include a 30 minute virtual session that will review:

  • current prescription and non-prescription medications

  • potential drug interactions and drug-nutrient depletions

  • education and recommendations on your chosen topics to discuss

  • a recommended plan provided after the visit   

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